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Hawkhurst Estate. Thank You.All Hawkhurst wines are organically made to mature in bottle and will continue to develop many years after release. Extract tannins, Phenolics and tartrates are not removed at the time of bottling, as these are the elements that help retain body and settle as a crust. Decanting and allowing the wine to "breathe" will release its bouquet and an aged complexity.

Hawkhurst Wine Selection. Tasting Notes.

Malbec 2009 Vinatge

This biodynamically grown vineyard reserve Malbec comes exclusively from fruit grown on our vineyards in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

Showing vibrant primary fruit flavors of plum and red berries. With a chocolate bouquet, this reserve Malbec finishes soft and round with velvety smooth tannins. Handcrafted in the vineyard and winery, this wine contains minimum preservative.

2007 Merlot/Malbec

The late Hawke’s Bay summer produced a vintage year for the 2007 Biodynamic Hawkhurst Estate Merlot/Malbec blend. A full bodied wine with black cherry and plum flavours, silky velvet tannins and a dry finish, makes this a very complex wine which can be enjoyed now or in the future.

100% New Zealand grown, 100% New Zealand made

Hawkhurst Estate. Tasting Notes.At Hawkhurst we are proud to produce 100% New Zealand grown wine, all our wine is 100% New Zealand grown. Only fine quality grapes can produce quality wines and our vineyards are tended in a way which reflects this belief. Grapes processed come exclusively from our vineyards. Vines are trellised and pruned in a way which produces the maximum leaf and fruit exposure to sunlight therefore increasing natural grape sugars, flavours colour index and extract.